Fundraising Best Practices

Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising Results

1. Leverage your existing contacts

Reach out to the following contacts:

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Work colleagues
  • Social media networks

2. Engage through personalized video messages

A personalized video can have a profound impact. Take a moment to record a video, directly addressing your audience. Inform them that for the next 14 days, you're championing a cause dear to your heart. Amplify its presence on social media to gain traction.

3. Consistent follow-ups make a difference

It's crucial to regularly touch base with your contacts about your fundraiser. Check in, express gratitude, and vividly paint the potential transformative outcomes that could result from a successful campaign.

Reach out to the people from your existing contact list every 3-4 days, to see if they have already purchased! If they did, ask them if they’d consider doing it again until the end of the fundraiser.

4. Create a blog or story series

Sharing ongoing stories or updates about your cause can deeply engage potential supporters. Consider posting small updates about the progress of the fundraiser every few days - a continued storyline maintains engagement and underscores the significance of their backing.