5 Reasons to Fundraise with Bang Cookies!

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Linda Jackson
(Choir Director)

One of the refreshing things about this particular fundraiser is the people behind it. I think fundraisers like this, with an added dimension, are not only about raising money for a trip but also about raising money to help people. This is what it should be.

Tom Lucha
(Board of Ed. Member)

Whether it's education, opportunities for them to try different things, or helping them progress, it's all about the kids. If we can top it off with a big, fat cookie, I'm game!

Ben Chaffee

Our high school students in our small rural Northwest Ohio community probably would never have the opportunity to go to New York City or attend a Broadway show. So, it's really exciting that we offer that opportunity.


The important part of this program is having a product to offer rather than just asking for money. When people are donating and helping a cause, particularly children, and they are getting something in return, everybody is kind of happy.

How it Works

1. Get ready

Get your hands on a box of Bang Cookies (we’d be happy to send you one if you reach out to us), meet with your leadership, and let em’ have a taste test. Once they’ve had a proper BANG, you’ll certainly have their full support to proceed with the fundraiser.

2. Set the Goal

Set your fundraising goals, gather the team, and put together a plan of action. Get yourself acquainted with our product line. Write down your questions, and discuss them with the team.

3. Follow the plan

We will share tips and tricks of how to put together an effective campaign, and provide the students with both printed brouchers and a dedicated web page for your fundraiser.

4. Start with a BANG!

Spread the word! Reach out to your friends, networks, colleagues, student parents, local businesses. Enlist help from our dedicated account manager to streamline the fundraiser. Once the fundraiser is complete, we’ll send a truck with Bang Cookies to you, and the students will distribute the orders.


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